Beginner's Guide to Online Casinos

I've been in the online casino game for over 2 decades and I've seen casinos come and go like no one's business. It's a jungle out there and to survive these days an online casino has to be honest, secure, have total integrity and be as professional as it can possibly be.

I've seen cases where you, the customer, have had problems that have not been sorted by these casinos and as a result it's been posted on every tom, dick and harry's online casino site such as your's truly - the Casino Geezer. The good rep these casinos once had is gone and no one cares about them anymore - there are hundreds of these sites out there and you don't have to put up with any rubbish at all these days.

So, from one Geezer to another, what do you need to look for when choosing your online casino site of choice?

Top Quality Software that's FREE!

All uk online casinos these days will let you download their casino software for free - but make sure what you are downloading is the best available. Sounds obvious but some of the casino games out there are just a load of old rubbish - make sure you choose a casino that uses the main suppliers - your Cryptologic's, Playtech's or Microgaming. If you haven't heard of the supplier, steer well clear - it's easy to make a casino game for those IT savvy enough - it is therefore easy too to rig that game in your favour.

Try Before you Buy

At the end of the day, try it first! Most if not all uk online casinos will offer their software as ‘Play for Free' - i.e. you can play all of their online casinos games but for fun. Play a few of the games you like to get a feel of the place first - you can then fill your boots when you are happy that the casino you have chosen is right for you! Just make sure to sign up via the links you see here on Casino Geezer - I can then fight your corner for you should anything bad happen and with plenty of year's experience, I know who to talk to and what to say to make sure that you are sorted, quick smart!

Bonuses That Are Crystal Clear

You've chosen your uk online casinos, you've played a few games for fun and are satisfied that it is the place for you. You now want to take advantage of that juicy casino bonus, but make sure first that the Ts and Cs behind it are clear to you. If a uk online casino hides behind reams and reams of terms and conditions, it isn't worth bothering with - you want to try a uk online casino, you want to use the bonus on offer - so tell us straight. What do we have to do, how do we redeem the bonus, what can we use it on - simple you'd think but most get this wrong from the start - and then they wonder why forums are full of complaints about shady uk online casinos misleading their punters. You can rest assured that any casino listed on Casino Geezer is fair play personified so make sure to use the links on this site when choosing your uk online casino.

Check out the About Us section

Just who is running the show? Do they list names, do they show pictures? Some sites, such as the uk online casino 32Red, show people, give names, tell us who they are, what they have done before and what they are all about. Surely if you are spending a couple of hundred on online roulette, you want to know who you are dealing with? You'd be amazed at the number of companies who still haven't grasped this concept. Common sense to me.

Are the Games and Payouts Reviewed?

All uk online casinos give it the big one about we pay out the most, our online slots are the best out there - well prove it. We want figures backed up by independent reviews - not just some certificate that's been knocked up on Paint. PriceWaterhouse Coopers is a good start, thank you very much.

What is the Customer Service like?

Very easy to boast about, any one can put in a banner ‘We have the best customer service' but few uk online casinos can live up to their claims. Rest assured at we only recommend those casinos that really do know their onions - 32Red for example, InterCasino have really improved in recent times, Littlewoods Casino as well, to name but a few. Do some research and read the forums - it is human nature to tell people of a bad experience, rather than of good ones - so find out what others have been saying about them.

Check Your Legality

You've got to be over 18 years of age to play in pretty much any jurisdiction, but also some countries have banned online gaming altogether. The US is the best example, so make sure to check the legalities of wherever in the world you may be. If like me you are in the UK, enjoy the uk online casino games and good luck!

Be Smart

Only play with what you can afford - like me, you'll enjoy a flutter on online roulette, online blackjack or the slots machines online, but that enjoyment can be spoiled if you start chasing losses (we all lose folks!) - only play with what you can afford and treat it as enjoyment - if you think that you are starting to play at a uk online casino to win, then the enjoyment goes and problems start.

Quit While You're Ahead

Remember, these uk online casinos are money making machines and for every winner, there are hundreds of losers. If you find yourself up, stop! Enjoy the moment, don't increase your bets and save your war chest for another day's punting. Never chase, never bet whilst you're drinking and take regular breaks if you find yourself playing for hours and a time. Tired minds can lead to poor decisions. Just remember to have fun!

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