Online Games

Chip Challenge

Guide your chip to the exit zone on each level. Avoid the walls, laser beams and other objects, the faster you get through the level the better your score. Enjoy!

Chip Count

Bank your chips into their correct slots, bonus points awarded for extra bouncing - but I wouldn't get too carried away! Draw your trampo-lines and rack up that score!

Mini Ball

It's only the best foosball game available online! Play it here, play it now!

Total Chips

To play the all new brain training game from Casino Geezer, all you need to do is see the number, add the number, subtract the number - it's as simple as that! The faster you answer the more you'll score! A great way to test your brain and maths skills.

Counting Cards

Think yourself as a bit of a card sharp? Well now you can test your wits against our brand new card game - Counting Cards!