MGA Slots Into Action

08th February, 2016

MGA Slots Into Action

A Spanish based online casinos content developer has expanded into the mobile casinos sector, with the announcement of no less than six mobile casino slots games.

Barcelona based MGA Games has announced the launch of six HTML5 casino games, with titles including Detective, Sea, Champions, Bingo, Beach, Champions League and La Taberna.

MGA Games own their own casino platofrms, namely and - which is powered in conjunction with the gaming and sports betting platform, Optima.

A spokesman for Optima said of the new casino slots games...

'We have been operating in Spain on OPTIMA’s platform for a while and are convinced that being at the forefront of gaming technology is a competitive advantage that all our customers enjoy.'

Optima supply a host of clients in the online casino and gaming worlds, having supplied the rights to MGA Games back in 2014 - buying them off Gtech.

Optima were also one of the first online casinos companies to receive certification for the online casino slots platform in Spain.