Pensioners Queue Up For UK Online Casinos

23rd September, 2016

Pensioners Queue Up For UK Online Casinos

A report out this week has revealed that pensioners are queueing up for the best UK casinos online, after figures see their participation boom.

The report by the UK Gambling Commission shows that when it comes to UK online casinos and the best UK gambling websites, pensioners have more than doubled their presence through virtual doors.

The age range of 65 years using online casinos has grown from 3pc to 7pc in total punters through the doors.

And it not just the silver foxes getting in on the act. The next group down, more akin to midiife-crises, have played more too - doubling from 8pc to 16pc.

As old school as thee punters may be, they are not embracing new technologies. Whilst betting on your mobile is now big business, betting online using your laptop is still key for these guys - almost half of all those asked would rather use a large, laptop or mac to do their betting or for playing their favourite UK online casinos.

But not all those asked are old fogies - some 11pc said that they now bet on tablets or use play UK casinos on tablets.

This trend also mirrors the general trend for the two age groups. As the young embrace the latest iphones, samsungs and other mobiles, the older generation are using laptops more and more and are also more trusting of the internet, as knowledge increases and security improves.