Learn about Progressive Jackpots

If you are a fan of online slot machines, then like me you'll love the features, wild symbols and random spins that can appear at any time.

But what is better than an online slot machine? An online progressive jackpot slot machine.

An online progressive jackpot slot machine is one where you can win big - really big - simply for lining up the jackpot symbols on the four of five lines on the slot machine you are playing. Each time you spin, the jackpot goes up that little bit more, and some of the sums involved are mind blowing - literally life changing.

Depending on the uk online casino you are playing (and thus the network it is on) depends on the amount the progressive jackpot could pay.

For example, choose a uk online casino that is powered by Chartwell, and you won't be handing in your notice at work anytime soon - they don't have (for some reason, why Chartwell!?) any progressive slot machines to speak of, so if you want to hit the big one, steer clear.

However, if you want life changing figures flasing before your eyes, then take your chances at either a Microgaming Casino (such as Casino Geezer's number one UK online casino, 32Red) or at a Cryptologic powered casino - such as InterCasino.

Mega Moolah is the current progressive jackpot to catch - over £4,000,000 the last time we checked. Just make sure as ever, you play for entertainment, you play to your means and if you have any problems with an online casino, call Casino Geezer.