Paddy Power Review

Playing on their Irish charm, Paddy Power are a huge hit both here and o'er the Irish Sea...

9.6 / 10


Beautifully playing on their Irish charm and sense of fun, Paddy Power are a huge hit in both the UK and across the Irish Sea. Tons of bets, cracking betting in running product and more promos than you can shake a hurley at - craic-ing!

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Irish Charm Abound...
When it comes to some of the best betting sites on the planet - let alone in the UK - you can't go much better than the boys from Dublin. I cannot think of another betting site that not only puts the customer first as much as these guys - but they also have something every other bookie is looking for - a brandable niche - and  Paddy Power play on the Irish Charm shines through in whatever they do - and boy does it work!

Product, Product, Product

Leaving aside the craic for one moment, at the end of the day we all just want to get a bet on - and find bets that are both appealing in nature and in price. Paddy Power are the kings of pricing, it has to be said. When it comes to your bread and butter racing, football betting and top end sports in general, there is not much here that you can't find. Timely pricing and markets abound.

But of course Paddy Power is the king of PR too - so step forward Volcano betting, step forward Papal betting, what hat will our Lizzie wear to the Royal Wedding - all simple ideas, but most genius comes with such simplicty.

PR, PR, PR - and a bit more PR...

On the face of it, a betting site that relies on PR could be said to be a bit gimmicky - but of course, the PR that Paddy Power decides to do is not only bread and butter stuff (Talk Sport for example) but things like trying to sign up Tiger Woods (during his extra-marital affair breakdown) or putting up Hollywood-esque signage at the Cheltenham Festival. Again, simple ideas with massive planning behind them, to bring the brand to the fore of many a pub chat amongst your mates.

Betting In Running...

That's not to say that Paddy Power sit on the laurels when it comes to their online betting service. Their betting in running product has undergone major changes in the last year or two - and to say it stands up to the kind of betting in play - Bet365 - is no mean feat. Tons of action, all the info you need to make a decent call, and live video streaming of some of the top football leagues and tennis tournaments from around the world.

Customer is King...

The old adage is very easy to say these days and not that difficult to carry out - but let's face it, Paddy Power take customer service to another level. Contactable by email, by phone and bu live chat, they have some of the best operators in the business, with response rates to die for. Send an email? That will take 20 minutes for an answer! Live chat? How about 10 seconds!

If that is not enough, Paddy Power has a plethora of online video tutorials to hold your hand on how to bet, how to deposit, how to search the site - as well as the most comprehensive and up-to-date FAQ sections you are likely to find.

Amazing stuff and as well as the speed and quantity, also comes quality. No messing about, no uncertainty, total fairness - it's all here.

Casino Geezer's Final Verdict...

If you haven't guessed by now, Paddy Power has got to be my favourite online betting site by an Emerald Isle mile - not only have you got all the betting you want, you have promos galore, special prices every day of the week - and the most exceptional customer service online today - don't look any further - these guys are the best.

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